fabric | ch – office for architecture, interaction & research

Combining experimentation, exhibition and production, fabric | ch formulates new architectural proposals and produces singular livable spaces that bind localized and distributed landscapes, algorithmic behaviors, atmospheres and technologies.

Since 1997, the architects and scientists of fabric | ch have investigated the field of contemporary spaces, from network related environments which mingle physical and digital properties to the interfacing of dimensions, such as their recent works about “spatial interferences”.

fabric | ch’s current works deal with the mediation of our relation to location and distance, with climate and energy, with mobility and globalization in a perspective of spatial creolization.

Partners of fabric | ch: Christian Babski, Stéphane Carion, Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller.
Team: Nicolas Besson, Sinan Mansuroglu, Yves Staub.

Résumé [pdf]

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