_noosynaptic by fabric.ch

_an architectural network of wireless sms
_un réseau architectural de sms

_noosynaptic is a system based on flashsms (© fabric | ch) and on guetteur (© fabric | ch) that displays sms (short message system) received from GSM mobile phones in a 3d-like java interface. this interface displays a graph of sms sent by people and let users interact with them. all these people are connected to a unique wireless community represented by the noosynaptic interface.

_'chat' sessions start between participants using either noosynaptic interface or their mobile phones. the graph lets people visualize in space and time the type of interactions and messages other users have sent. the graph displayed in a web browser can also be used to reply to any message sent by a mobile phone. moreover noosynaptic system replies to you when you send a message to it.

_ noosynaptic is the virtual 'connection device' between all these wireless people. the main idea behind the project, beside giving an interface to sms users and let them interact from the web, is to visualize graphically the wireless network created by gsm users.

_requirements: Windows/Linux OS_Netscape 4/IE 4_Java enabled_1024x768 display

_lancer/launch noosynaptic

_lancer/launch noosynaptic i-weather

_mac: cliquer ici/click here