Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE
Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE
Installations 2005-2008 - Project - (Tropical) SUNSHINE Software
fabric | ch
With the support of the City of Lyon, the Federal Office of Cultural Affairs (OFC-BAK Switzerland), Pro Helvetia, the City of Madrid, the City of Lausanne, the State of Vaud and OSRAM


Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE was conceived and realized by fabric | ch,
with the participation of Robins des villes association for Lyon Lumières 2005.


fabric | ch, architecture & research

fabric | ch was created in 1997 by two architects, Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller (both Higher Education Lecturers in Media and Interaction Design at ECAL, Lausanne), a telecommunications engineer, Stéphane Carion and a computer engineer, Dr. Christian Babski. From the beginning,  the aim of the agency has been to explore the changes in  our  “habitable” spaces and in contemporary spaces: digital and electromagnetic territories, distributed spaces and also “invisible”, artificial, mobile, global spaces.

fabric | ch’s approach has developed around the idea of spatial interferences : long-lasting connections and variable configurations of heterogeneous spaces (the global within the local ; the here in the elsewhere ; the public in the private ; the distributed in the enclosed and also the digital and the mediatised in the physical). Bringing together experimentation and production, fabric | ch seeks to formulate new architectural proposals which arise from the combination of different dimensions of contemporary spaces.

For the last ten years, fabric | ch  has given numerous conferences and seminars and its projects have been exhibited in different institutions, festivals and biennals, notably, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO) and the  Center for Contemporary Art (CAC) in  Geneva ; the Museum of Modern Art in  Lugano (MDAM) ; the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) in London; the Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art (CAMEC) in La Spezia ; the Swiss Cultural Centre in  Paris ; Art Unlimited | Art Basel | 35 ; the Siggraph Gallery in Los Angeles , the  Lyon Festival of Light;  the Boston CyberArts Festival ; the International Festival File in Sao Paulo ; the  Biennale Article, in Stavanger amongst others.


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