+ 08.06.22
Commisionned by curator Juri Steiner (director of MCBA / Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts) to create an original artwork in the context of an institutional exhibition, fabric | ch presents Elemental Sky. This new installation is part of the "environmental devices" serie realized by the collective.
The artwork is introduced during the opening of the permanent exhibition within the new corporate building of the ECA (insurance company related to natural disasters).
+ 13.05.22
Patrick Keller and Joel Vacheron give a talk for ECAL / University of Art & Design Lausanne. It takes place during the Swiss Artistic Research Network '22 Conference in Lugano, at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center.
The title of the joint performative talk, related to a previous academic research, is Territorialized Data.
+ 16.04.22
At the invitation of Fu Liaoliao and the HOW Art Museum (Shanghai), fabric | ch presents a talk online about its architectural installation at the museum and its recent works.
Taking part to the talk are artists Chloe Delarue, Pedro Wirz from Switzerland, as well as Chun Shao in Shanghai. The panel is moderated by Cai Yixuan.
+ 15.01-05.06.22
The new installation by fabric | ch, along with online conferences and performance program, is presented on the Pro Helvetia / Swiss Arts Council website. The work was created for the exhibition Beneath the Skin, Between the Machines in Shanghai.
+ 15.01.22
Invited by Fu Liaoliao, curator of the HOW Art Museum in Shanghai, fabric | ch is presenting a new work entitled Platform of Future-Past, during the exhibition Beneath the Skin, Between the Machines (15.01 - 24.04.22).
It is an installation inspired by the architectural work Public Platform of Future-Past (2016).
Hito Steyerl, Geumhyung Jeong, Lu Yang, Jon Rafman, Forensic Architecture, Lynn Herschman Leeson, Harun Farocki are the main artists exhibiting in the same show.
+ 03.12.21
Some early results and images of the joint research (Re-)Viewing Paik, between fabric | ch, the Nam June Paik Art Center (Korea) and ECAL, are published on fabric | ch's blog: fabric | rblg.
+ 01.09.21
The research project (Re-)Viewing Paik is shortly introduced on the research section of ECAL's website. A few images of the ongoing work are also displayed.
+ 01.07.21
The joint talk between curator Sang Ae Park (Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul) and fabric | ch, given online at the occasion of the Swiss-Korean Science Club, is now privately accessible on their Youtube channel.
+ 24.06.21
At the initiative of the Swiss Ambassy in South Korea, Christian Babski and Patrick Keller take part in an online talk with Sangae Park, the head of curatorial department and archivist at the Nam June Paik Art Center in Seoul. The topic of the presentation is related to an ongoing research project entitled (Re-)Viewing Paik.
The aim of this work, jointly initiated between the NJPAC, fabric | ch and ECAL, is to remotely present the archive of South Korean artist Nam June Paik in an immersive way (AR display), by the means of automated curating.
+ 01.04.21
Patrick Keller in discussion with HeK's curator Sabine Himmelsbach, regarding the acquisition of Satellite Daylight 47°33'N for the Haus sder elektronischen Künste collection. The installation will be in permanent display in the public space of the museum.
+ 03.03.21
Online opening of the exhibition Shaping the Invisible World, curated by Boris Magrini and Christiane Schranz at the Haus der elektronischen Künste (HeK) in Basel.
fabric | ch presents a new Satellite Daylight 47°33'N work as part of a ongoing suite, which will then become part of HeK's permanent collection and remain on display. Exhibiting artists include James Bridle, Trevor Paglen, Julian Oliver & Tega Brain, Fei Jun and Bureau d'études.
+ 18.01.21
Second Covid-19 pandemy lockdown in Switzerand. All public and cultural locations are closed.
+ 01.10.20
Editions B2 publish "Essais climatiques", a compilation of texts and essays by the Swiss architect Philippe Rahm. Among them, "L'âge de la deuxième augmentation", written back in 2009, presents the work of fabric | ch.
+ 01.09.20
fabric | ch starts a new research project in collaboration with the Nam June Paik Art Center in South Korea and ECAL in Lausanne.
This new work will build on our ongoing project Atomized (*) Functioning, which uses algorithmic automation and learning, with the aim of remotely presenting the archive of South Korean artist Nam June Paik.
+ 22.05-23.08.20
Selected by curator Sabine Himelsbach, Satellite Daylight, 46°28'N (2007) is presented during the online exhibition Media Quarantine (B) / 100 Ways to Live a Minute - Category of Contemplation at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.
+ 22.03.20
The video and architecture piece Satellite Daylight Pavilion is part of the House der elektronischen Kunste Collection. It is made out of four distinct video depicting an architectural pavilion, to be spatially installed.
+ 16.03.20
First Covid-19 pandemy lockdown in Switzerand. All public and cultural locations are closed.
+ 14.02.20
The online magazine Creative Applications publishes "Behind Smoke and Mirrors", an article about ECAL's research day. Among different topics, the discussion between Nathalie Kane and Patrick Keller regarding data materialization is presented in details.
+ 07.01.20
Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller in discussion with Nathalie Bachand for the canadian magazine ESPACE, art actuel.
Under the title "Automations algorithmiques et créolisations" the discussion deals with topics related to the use of automated techniques and procedures in the context of creative projects.
+ 07.01.20
Following an interview with journalist Geneviève Ruiz, fabric | ch speaks in a joint article about data, traces and "digital ghosts" in the Swiss academic magazine Hémisphères n°18.
+ 08.11.19
Patrick Keller in discussion with Victoria & Albert's Museum curator Nathalie Kane (V&A, London), on the occasion of the ECAL Research Day 2019: Technology and Research in Art and Design conference at ECAL, Lausanne.
The discussion is accessible on ECAL's Vimeo account, as well as all the other discussions and talks.
+ 01.11.-01.12.19
Atomized (curatorial) Functioning is presented in Beijing at the occasion of the exhibition Art and Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and the conference TASIES, held at the National Museum of China (01.11 - 01.12.19).
+ 02.09.19
Christophe Guignard is leading a design studio at UQAM (Université du Québec) in Montreal for fabric | ch. Christophe is an invited professor for Architecture during the Fall/Winter semester.
+ 01.09.19
The outcomes of the design research Cloud of Cards are published in the international design magazine FRAME, Issue 130. The project involved Patrick Keller and Christian Babski for fabric | ch.
+ 17.06.19
The exhibition catalogue Entangled Realities - Living with Artificial Intelligence has been published by Haus der elektronischen Künste (HeK) and Christoph Merian Verlag.
fabric | ch's work (Atomized curatorial Functioning) is being presented and discussed by curator Sabine Himmelsbach.
+ 18.05.19
In the context of Open House Basel (2019), "Architektur für Alle", fabric | ch (Patrick Keller) presents a lecture about "Automated Architecture" and the recent works of the studio involving AIs, bots and automated algorithms at the exhibition "Entangled Realities" in HeK, Basel.
+ 09.05.-11.08.19
fabric | ch presents Atomized (curatorial) Functioning at Haus der elektronischen Künste (HeK) in Basel, during the exhibition Entangled Realities - Living with artificial Intelligence (09.05 - 11.08.19).
With works by James Bridle, Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst, Trevor Paglen, Dries Depoorter, Jenna Sutela, Mario Klingemann, and several others. Curators: Sabine Himmelsbach and Boris Magrini.
+ 08.05.19
Opening of the exhibition Entangled Realities - Living with Artificial Intelligence at Haus der elektronischen Künste (HeK) in Basel. fabric | ch presents a new work, commissioned by HeK, that automates the exhibiting and curating process: Atomized (curatorial) Functioning.
+ 11.02.19
Following an interview with journalist Tania Araman, the research project Cloud of Cards and its outcomes are presented in the magazine Hémisphères n°16, 20 ans en question.
+ 08.02.19
Publication on Vimeo of "fabric | ch - Environmental Devices (1997 - 2017), solo exhibition". The movie is a carte blanche about the exhibition to film-director Fabrice Aragno.
+ 05.11.18
Release in Open Access of the POD book "Cloud of Cards", in the online store of Lulu, the Print-on-Demand company. The 196 p. book presents the results of the design research Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s).
+ 15.10.18
Cloud of Cards, the website and books presenting the outcomes of the design research Inhabiting and Interfacing the Clouds are now online.
The research was led by Patrick Keller (ECAL/HES-SO) in collaboration with Nicolas Nova (HEAD - Genève/HES-SO). With additional works and texts by Random International, Sasha Pohflepp, Matthew PLummer-Fernandez, ALICE LAB/EPFL (Prof. Dieter Dietz), Nathalie Kane, Christophe Guignard and Christian Babski.
+ 09.07.18
Patrick Keller and Christian Babski participate in the "Imaging the Future" conference organized by the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival. Other speakers: Gilles Jobin, Peter Philipp Weiss, Extraweg and Mathieu Jaccard's moderation.
+ 27.02.18
Patrick Keller and Nicolas Nova in discussion with journalist Samuel Schellenberg (Le Courier) during "Journée de la recherche en art et design de la HES-SO", at HEAD - Genève.
The design research Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s) is presented.
+ 09.02.18
Opening of the monographic exhibition Environmental Devices (1997-2017) in the "Ephemeral Kunshalle" dedicated to 20 years of activities | ch of fabric | ch. An exhibition on 2000 m2 that brings together works carried out by the collective between 1997 and 2017. The display will also serve as a basis for a future book.
+ 08.01.18
The video of the discussion between Patrick Keller and Fabio Gramazio (professor, architect and researcher at ETH Zurich), made during the 10+10 conference, Research in Art & Design, has been uploaded to the ECAL Vimeo website.
+ 31.10.17
The Cloud of Cards open source project, a home cloud kit consisting of 4 distincts artifacts - results of the design research Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s) - is published in Making Sense: 10 Years of Research in Art and Design at ECAL.
+ 10.10.17
Patrick Keller in discussion with architect Fabio Gramazio (ETHZ, Gramazio Kohler) on the occasion of the 10+10, Research in Art & Design conference at ECAL, Lausanne. The conference takes place during the celebrations of teh 10 years of ECAL's presence in its new school in Renens.
+ 12.06.17
The final results of the design research conducted for ECAL and the HES-SO Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s) are published on the documentary blog of the project. Two books in Print-on-Demand and a results dissemination site will follow in Fall 2018.
+ 15.12.16
The project Interféences dimensionnelles is part of the collection of guest curator Ewan Chardronnet and is edited in 20 pieces by the ArtJaws gallery. On sale on the gallery's website.
+ 01.12.16
Intermediate results from Inhabiting & Interfacing the Cloud(s) research project are presented at the Bot Like Me conference, at the Swiss Cultural Center in Paris (curators: Sophie Lamparter & Luc Meier). Other artists or guest speakers: !MedienGruppe Bitnik, Rybn, Nathalie Kane & Tobias Revell, Yves Citton, Joël Vacheron, Nicolas Nova, Gwenola Wagon, Hannes Grasseger.
+ 05.07.16
After two years of silence (due to a non-disclosure agreement), fabric | ch can publish Public Platform of Future-Past, its winning project for the pavillion of information dedicated to the future buildings of the Cantonal Museum of Fine Art (mcb-a), the Musée de l'Elysée and the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (mudac). Unfortunately it will remain unbuilt due to political reasons.
+ 03.06.16
fabric | ch is part of the book Nestlé's Art Collection by JRP|Ringier, with its piece Satellite Daylight, 46°28'N (pdf), from the collection. In such good company as Alighiero Boetti, Fischli & Weiss, Olivier Mosset, Jasper Johns, Sol Lewitt, James Turell, even Ferdinand Hodler and many other great artists!
The book is published at the occasion of the exhibition "Origins and Horizon. The Nestlé Art Collection", Musée Jenisch Vevey.
+ 09.03.16
At the invitation of Kevin Walker, Head of Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London and at the initiative of our former ECAL student David Colombini, fabric | ch presents a talk about its recent works to the students of the RCA.
+ 26.02.16
"Big Data" on the Swiss Radio. Interviewed by journalist Frederic Pfyffer for the Living History radio show, fabric | ch (Patrick Keller) will speak of how artists and designers reappropriate these "data" in their daily works and practices. The discussion can be accessed online as a podcast (5/5).
+ 28.01.16
Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s) at Unfrozen, Swiss Design Network 2016 Conference that takes place in the Grandhotel Giessbach over Lake Brienz. A "fireside talk" by Patrick Keller and Christophe Guignard.
+ 09.10.15
The design research Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s) is presented by Christophe Guignard at the Renewable Futures conference in Riga. Other participants to the symposium include (keynotes) Lev Manovitch, John Thackara, Régine Debatty, Andreas Brockman.
+ 01.07.15
The book and catalog of exhibition Poetics and Politics of Data is published. It contains a text by Patrick Keller, "Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s). An ongoing design research", images from the scenography, White Oblique, realized by fabric | ch for the show. They accompany other writings by Sabine Himmelsbach (cur.), Lev Manovitch, Orit Halpern, Nicolas Nova, Claudia Mareis so as by several other authors and artists.
+ 28.05.15
Temporary results of the design research Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s) are presented in the context of the exhibition Poetics and Politics of Data at the Haus der elektronischen Künste in Basel(CH). Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Aram Bartholl, Jennifer Lyn Morone, Moniker are part of the exhibiting artists.
+ 28.05. - 30.08.15
Opening of the exhibition Poetics & Politics of Data at the Haus der elektronischen Künste in Basel (CH). fabric | ch designed the scenography and presents Deterritorialized Daylight, so as a new online project, a "data commune", Datadroppers.
+ 26.05.15
Christian Babski and Stéphane Carion publish online Datadroppers, a new project and tool by fabric | ch. It is a simplified data sharing service, organized as a "commune". Libraries and additionnal tools will come along the way.
+ 02.03.15
Christophe Guignard is part of the jury that will assess the results of the limited architecture competition held for the new design (MUDAC) and photography (Musée de l'Élysée) museums in Lausanne (CH). President of the jury are Kengo Kuma and David Chipperfield.
+ 06.02.15
Workshop organized around the design research Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s) at the LIFT 15 conference. Nicolas Nova and Patrick Keller, co-leaders of the research project, respectively for the HEAD - Genève and ECAL in Lausanne, animate the workshop.
+ 04.02.15
At the invitation of Sylvie Reinhard, Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller are taking part during the conference LIFT 15 to a day of brainstorming organized for the new museums of the city of Lausanne (CH).
+ 05.11.14
Recent works by fabric | ch are presented in a talk at the EPFL· ECAL Lab, as part of the Mas Design Research for Digital Innovation (DRDI).
+ 15.09.14
fabric | ch wins 1st price with their project Platform of Future Past in the limited the competition for the information pavilion of the State of Vaud and City of Lausanne new museums ("Platform 10"). Results must remain secret until disclosed by State of Vaud / SIPaL.
+ 01.09.14
The Paranoid Shelter project, realized in collaboration with French writer and philosopher Eric Sadin, artificial troposphere Deterritorialized Living so as the architectural competition proposal Gradientizer are presented in the French magazine Étapes (no 221).
+ 18.08.14
Uphonie, a sound installation and spatial device is presented in the frame of the "Kunst am Bau" competition organized by the State of Vaud for the new State Parliament. 2nd prize.
+ 01.08.14
Patrick Keller wrote the article Inhabiting Deterritorialization for the magazine Desierto #3, 28°C. Deterritorialized Living and the beginnings of a new project, Algorithmic Atomized Functioning, are published in the Spanish magazine on the same occasion.
+ 07.07.14
fabric | ch is invited by the State of Vaud to take part in a confidential and limited competition.
+ 09.06.14
fabric | ch is invited to take part in the "Kunst am Bau" competition for the new parliament of the State of Vaud, Switzerland. Among the eight invited artists, a dominant of videographers including Emmanuelle Antille, Denis Savary, Anne-Julie Raccoursier.
+ 01.05.14
The interdisciplinary research project Interfacing & inhabiting the Cloud(s) - I&IC begins. It involves the Art Schools of ECAL and HEAD, the Faculty of Architecture of the EPFL as well as the l'EPFL-ECAL Lab, under the joint responsability of Patrick Keller (ECAL, fabric | ch) and Nicolas Nova (HEAD, Near Future Laboratory). Its aim is to develop design counter-proposals to the current implementation of cloud computing.
+ 07.02.14
fabric | ch takes part to the workshop "Creative Economy", organized by Sylvie Reinhard and Nicolas Nova during LIFT14, in Geneva.
+ 14-23.11.13
Invited by Ewen Chardronnet, fabric | ch presents Deterritorialized Living at Pavillon de l’architecture in Pau, during the Acces-s Festival.
The opening will start with a conference by Christophe Guignard entitled "Deterritorialized Living and other algorithmic suns", Thursday 14 novembre at 6.30pm.
Article in Libération.
+ 12.11.13
New representation of Globale Surveillance, a play by Eric Sadin during Ars Numerica / Scène Nationale de Montbéliard (France).
Architectural and scenic device by fabric | ch: Paranoid Shelter.
+ 21.09.13
Talk by Patrick Keller at the LXFactory in Lisbon about the call for projects Deterritorialized Living (Beijing Session), initiated by fabric | ch. Associated Project during Close, Closer, the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale.
+ 13.09.13
Deterritorialized Living is accessible online, a new project developed during our four months residency at the Tsinghua Art & Science Media Laboratory in Beijing. It consists in a "geo-engineered" troposhpere, delivered in the form of open data feeds.
+ 12.09-15.12.13
Following its residency in China (Tsinghua University, Beijing), fabric | ch is the instigator of the project Deterritorialized Living (Beijing sessions), in collaboration with Tsinghua Art & Science Media Laboratory (TASML) in Beijing and CoworkLisboa in Lisbon.
The project is part of Close, Closer, the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Curator: Beatrice Galilee.
+ 15.04.13
Invited by Swissnex China, Patrick Keller will present a lecture entitled "Inhabiting the Digitized Landscapes" in Shanghai, at XinDanWei.
+ 27.03-31.05.13
fabric | ch is leading a workshop at the Tsinghua Art & Sciences Media Laboratory (TASML) entitled "Inhabiting the Computer Cabinet (with two suns)", at the Tsinghua University.
+ 24.03-10.07.13
fabric | ch continues its research on contemporary spaces in China. Invited by Zhang Ga, curator and director of Tsinghua Art and Science Media Laboratory (TASML) in Beijing, Patrick Keller and Christian Babski led a workshop with students of Professor Zhang around the idea of Deterritorialized Living.
+ 14.03-11.08.13
Perpetual (Tropical) Sunshine is on tour in France in 2013. After the Manège in Maubeuge in March, this installation created by fabric | ch in 2005, is presented from April 4 to 14 at MAC. the House of Arts of Créteil (France) in the framework of Artificial Natures, an exhibition curated by Charles Carcopino for the EXIT festival. It will then be presented in the Gare Saint Sauveur in Lille, May 3 to August 11, 2013 and (probably) in Singapore in 2014.
+ 18.02.13
Arctic Opening is published in BRACKET [goes soft] by Actar. Editors: Neeraj Bhatia and Lola Sheppard , with Geoff Manaugh, Philippe Rahm, Charles Renfro, Benjamin Bratton, Jeffery Inaba and Julia Czerniak as editorial committee.
+ 06.02.13
fabric | ch takes part to the workshop "Potential of Open Data in Cultural Fields" organised by Nicolas Nova for the City of Geneva, during LIFT 2013.
+ 20.01.13
Satellite Daylight, 46°28'N is published in the catalogue Sensing Place, Mediatizing the Urban Landscape by Christoph Merian Verlag.
+ 30.11.12
fabric | ch teams up with London agency Something and Son to take part in the design competition of Lausanne Jardins 2014, Switzerland.
+ 29.10.12
Invited by Dieter Dietz (ALICE laboratory) at the Architecture Department of the EPFL, Patrick Keller attends the presentation of the project "Inhabiting my horizon" as a jury member, along with Edouard Cabay, Caroline Dionne and Urs Egg.
+ 18.09.12
fabric | ch is invited in Beijing by Zhang Ga and Pro Helvetia for a research residency during Spring 2013. It will take place at the joint Media Lab of the Tsinghua Univesity and the Parsons School of Design.
+ 31.08.12
Lent by the Nestlé Collection, Satellite Daylight, 46°28'N is presented in the context of Sensing Places, an exhibition at the Haus für elektronische Künste in Basel (Switzerland).
Curator: Sabine Himmelsbach.
+ 12.07.12
Talk by fabric | ch in the courtyard of the Académie, in the old City of Lausanne.
Invited by Michael Kinzer, director and curator of the festival, fabric | ch develops the stakes of its project Heterochrony, realised for the Festival de la Cité Lausanne.
+ 10.07.12
Presentation of a new architectural device by fabric | ch during the Festival de la Cité Lausanne. Heterochrony articulates two parallel temporalities in the form of a monitoring and observation platform that overlooks a public garden.
+ 24.06.12
Exhibition of Perpetual (Tropical) Sunshine during the festival Transat 2012 in Lausanne (Switzerland).
+ 29.02.12
First representation of Globale Surveillance, a play by Eric Sadin at Centre dramatique national de Normandie, Caen (France).
Scenic and architectural device by fabric | ch: Paranoid Shelter.
+ 03.02.12
Invited by Alejandro Zaera Polo at Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, fabric | ch (Christophe Guignard) attends the presentations of the Master Class Localizing Networks as jury member, with Kas Oosterhuis, Maider Llaguno Munitxa, Philippe Morel, Martijn de Waal and Vedran Mimica.
+ 31.01.12
"Finissage" of Paranoid Shelter at EPFL-ECAL Lab before its transportation to Caen for the play of Eric Sadin, Globale Surveillance, at Centre dramatique national de Normandie.
+ 12.11.11
fabric | ch associates with Amid.Cero9 to take part to the design competition of the future planetarium of Lausanne, Switzerland. The result of the collaboration is titled Gradientizer, published later in December 2011.
+ 22.10.11
fabric | ch wins an art competition to create an installation during the Festival de la Cité 2012 with its project Heterochrony. Realisation: July 2012.
+ 24.09.11
PechaKucha with fabric | ch during the Night of Museums 2011, at Sanaa's Rolex Learning Center.
Curator: Cyril Veillon, Archizoom.
+ 09.09.11
Talk by fabric | ch at Newcastle, UK.
Invitation by Will Schrimshaw, curator of Invisible Architecture, a micro-festival exploring the invisible yet influential substrates of urban existence.
+ 03.05.11
Publication of Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE in Dominique Moulon's latest book: Art contemporain nouveaux médias.
+ 22.02.11
Opening of fabric | ch channel on Vimeo.
+ 28.10.10
Publication of Satellite Daylight, 46°28'N in the latest book of Alain Fleicher: Vitesses limites.
Authors: Adrian Bejan, Nicole Brenez, Alain Fleischer, Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond, Emmanuel Mahé, Catherine Malabou, Christian Miller, Hartmut Rosa, Bernard Stiegler.
+ 30.09.10
Talk by fabric | ch at Trient, Switzerland.
Invited by Philippe Rahm, professor at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Patrick Keller and Christophe Guignard present architecture projects by fabric | ch about spatial ubiquity and location interferences.
+ 26.09.10
Lift Workshop @Hungary, Pécs (Hungary)
Christophe Guignard will present Works about local and distant interferences, a talk about recent architectural research and projects by fabric | ch. He will then co-lead with Martijn de Waal, Marcus Foth and Violeta Bulc a workshop which aim is to explore the relations between information systems, data, architecture and urbanism.
Lift Workshop @ Hungary is organised by Kitchen Budapest in collaboration with KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre.
+ 04-19.09.10
Exhibition of I-Weather as Deep Space Public Lighting, 01SJ Biennial, San Jose (USA).
Other invited artists and architects: Nathalie Jeremijenko, Futurefarmers - Amy Franceschini, Jodi, Todd Chandler & Jeff Stark, Jim Campbell, Blast Theory, Eyebeam Roadshow, Angel Borrego Cubero, etc.
Curators: Steve Dietz and Jaime Austin.
+ 19.09.10
Talk by fabric | ch at South Hall, San Jose (USA).
In the context of 01SJ Biennial, Patrick Keller and Christian Babski present the recent projects created by fabric | ch, in particular I-Weather as Deep Space Public Lighting.
+ 16.09.10
Workshop I-Weather, Open Source Artificial Climate, San Jose (USA).
In the context of 01SJ Biennial, Christian Babski leads a workshop about the use of I-Weather in art projects.
+ 01.09.10
I-Weather is available to download on iPhone app store and Android Market.
+ 23.08.10
Arctic Opening is published online by the architecture magazine Domus.
+ 24-26.07.10
"Memories of a Distant Future" at Siggraph 2010, Los Angeles.
Retrospective exhibition of our works about virtual museums: MIX-m (2005) and La_Fabrique (1999-2001).
+ 14.07.10
End of the exhibition of Arctic Opening on the Frioul island, in front of Marseille.
Images of the installation.
+ 12.04.10
Invitation to MIMI festival which will happen in Marseille (France) from July 7 to 11, 2010.
During this event, fabric | ch will exhibit a new installation called Arctic Opening.
Exhibition on the Frioul island from June 30 to July 14, 2010.
+ 15.03.10
Convective Condomonium / Smart Air, a project by Philippe Rahm architectes, has been selected for the last step of the Smart material houses competition, organised by IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung).
fabric | ch is partner of the project, with Arup, EPFL, Werner Sobek engineering and Weinmann Energies.
+ 18.01.10
Invitation to 01SJ Biennial which will happen in San Jose (CA) from September 16 to 19, 2010.
During this exhibition, fabric | ch will present a new project entitled I-Weather as Deep Space Public Lighting.
+ 20.12.09
Public opening of fabric | rblg, a website which gathers articles, researches, expositions and projects related to the investigation fields of fabric | ch.
+ 27.10.09
Lecture by Patrick Keller at HEAD, Genève
In the context of the Design Masters of ECAL and HEAD (Product Design , Art Direction, Media Design), fabric | ch presents Variable Environment/, a research project realised for ECAL and EPFL (EPFL+ECAL Lab).
+ 05-06.10.2009
Residency of fabric | ch and Eric Sadin at La Ménagerie de Verre, Paris
Evolution of the project "Globale_Surveillance" in collaboration with Eric Sadin. For this project, fabric | ch develops "Paranoid Shelter", an over-controlled architecture.
+ 18.09.09
Talk by fabric | ch at LIFT Asia, Jeju (Korea)
" Inhabiting interferences" by Patrick Keller. Among the other speakers of the session "Building for connected people" will be Dooeun Choi (curator at Art Center Nabi) and Minsuk Cho (architect, founder of Mass Studies).
+ 08-14-06.09
Cahier d'artiste fabric | ch at Swiss Art Awards, Basel.
Exhibition"Cahiers d'artistes 1997-2009".
+ 31.03.09
Lecture by Patrick Keller at POSTOPOLIS! LA, Los Angeles (USA)
Invited by Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG), Patrick Keller will talk about "RealRoom(s), Atmospheric Relations & current questions". POSTOPOLIS! LA is organized by Storefront for Art and Architecture and ForYourArt.
To read on City of Sound and WMMNA
+ 27.03.09
Talk by Patrick Keller at SwissNex, San Francisco (USA)
"The mediated (now)here" on the occasion of Media Facades and Newscocoons.
To read on BLDGBLOG
+ 09-13.02.2009
Residency of fabric | ch and Eric Sadin at La Charteuse of Villeneuve-Lez-Avignon, France.
Evolution of the project "Globale Surveillance" in collaboration with Eric Sadin. For this project, fabric | ch develops "Paranoid Shelter", an over-controlled architecture.
+ 05.01.09
"Lumière digitale" in Collage 1/09.
Interview with Patrick Keller about the growing presence of "media facades" in urban space.
+ 04.10.08
Exhibition of Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE in Paris, France.
For the Nuit Blanche 2008.
+ 13.09.08
Exhibition of Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE in Madrid, Spain.
For the Noche en Blanco.
+ 11.09.08
Talk by Patrick Keller and Christian Babski at Reflex, Madrid, Spain.
+ 01.09.08
"Climatic Fictions" - talk by Christophe Guignard at EPFL. In the Media and Design Lab.
+ 20.08.08
Hatch: The New Architectural Generation is edited by Laurence King Publishing, London
The work of fabric | ch is presented in the latest book of Kieran Long (previous editor of Icon, editor of The Architects' Journal) with projects like MIX-m and Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE
+ 04.08.08
Contemporary territories, welcome in a digital materiality, participation of fabric | ch to the Grand 8 of the Swiss Radio (RSR), with Xavier Comtesse and Frédéric Kaplan.
Podcast RSR - Le Grand 8 (in French) on iTunes
+ 12-13.06.08
Talk by Patrick Keller during the Ateliers de la Recherche en Design at Nantes (France). Presentation of Variable Environment/, a design+science research project conducted by the University of Art and Design of Lausanne [ECAL] and the Swiss Institute of Technology [EPFL].
+ 09-10.06.08
Presentation of Tower of Atmospheric Relations at the Climate Clock Colloquium in San Jose (USA).
+ 12.04.08
Talk by fabric | ch at Palais de Tokyo (Paris) during the conference Global Paranoia organized by Eric Sadin.
+ 26.02.08
fabric | ch is invited by the Federation of swiss architects (BSA/FAS) to present its work at The Bourg.
+ 07.01.08
Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE is shortlisted" by London International Creative Competition (LICC).
+ 23.11.07
Talk by Christophe Guignard during the conference "Villes numériques de demain", organized by the Technological Observatory of Geneva.
+ 01.10.07
Installation of the artwork Satellite Daylight, 46°28'N, at the Nestlé International Center, Building En Bergère. The artwork is part of Nestlé's art collection.
+ 19.09-21.10.07
Exhibition of Dimensional Interferences at Montreal, Canada. 70 Architect(e)s on Ethics and Poetics.
+ 14.09.07
Talk by Christophe Guignard at Canadian Center for Architecture, during the conference "Reconciling Poetics and Ethics in Architecture".
+ 27.07.07
Publication of Variable Environment/, activity report of a design+science research project conducted by the University of Art and Design of Lausanne [ECAL] and the Swiss Institute of Technology [EPFL]. This project is leaded by Patrick Keller.
Blog entries on WMMNA, Pasta & Vinegar, A3, ...
+ 02.07.07
Talk by Patrick Keller and Christophe Guignard during "DIGITALITY AND SPACE", a seminar organized by Chôros Institute at EPFL, with Boris Beaude, Jacques Lévy, Nicolas Nova, etc.
+ 03.05.07
Talk by Patrick Keller at Swiss Institute of Technology [EPFL], invited by Philippe Rahm.
+ 08.02.07
Talk by Christophe Guignard at LIFT (Geneva, Switzerland). Contemporary space(s)
+ 01.02.07
Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE and RealRoom(s) broadcasted by Nouvo (TSR).
+ 12.12.06
Talk by Patrick Keller and Christophe Guignard during the Architecture and Materiality day organized by Pieter Versteegh at School of Architecture, Fribourg
+ 16.11-30.11.06
Exhibition of Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE at Tou Scene, Stavanger (Norway). Festival Article 06.
+ 31.10.06
Le Net art : la nouvelle Toile des artistes. Article published by Swiss Television about Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE.
+ 20.10.06
The Centre Culturel Suisse publishes 2003-2005, a book about its past exhibitions, including Invisible Architecture - Philippe Rahm, where fabric | ch exhibited RealRoom(s).
+ 17.10.06
Talk about "ex-dimensional architecture" at UQAM, Montreal
fabric | ch is invited by Louise Pelletier.
+ 07.10-14.10.06
Exhibition of Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE at Aix-en-Provence, France
Festival Arborescence
+ 29.09-19.10.06
Exhibition of Electroscape 004 A.I. vs A.I. // in self-space // and all the other electroscape.org projects at MediaRuimte, during Nuits Blanches, Brussels.
Curator: LAB[au]
+ 13-19-06.06
Exhibition of Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE at Swiss Art Awards 2006, in parallel to Art | 37 | Basel (Switzerland).
+ 27.04.06
Talk about Poetics in poiesis, organised by Adam Somlai Fischer (Hu) and Usman Haque (UK), PixelACHE 2006.
+ 20.04.06
Workshop rhizoreality.mu by fabric | ch , Festival PixelACHE 2006, Paris.

+ 19-29.04.06
Exhibition of electroscape 004 A.I. vs A.I. // in self-space //, Festival PixelACHE 2006, Paris.
Article in Libération and 20 minutes (in French)
+ 20.03-20.04.06
Exhibition of RealRoom(s) at FILE RIO 2006, Rio de Janeiro
+ 01.02.06
FACES publishes an article by Patrick Keller: ex-Dimensionelle (in French). Ex-dimensional architecture concept illustrated by RealRoom(s) and MIX-m.org
+ 30.01.06
Archithese publishes RealRoom(s) and Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE
Archithese 01.2006, Swiss Performance 06, Swiss Unlimited section.
+ 10.11.05
Talk by fabric | ch at Architectural Association (AA), London: "ex-dimensional"
+ 07-10.12.05
Perpetual (Tropical) SUNSHINE installation and architectural device during Lyon Lumières 2005
+ 10.11.05
Talk by fabric | ch at Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Montpellier: "Wide Spectrum Architecture"
+ 01-20.11.05
Exhibition of RealRoom(s) at FILE 2005, São Paulo
+ 03.10.05
Interview by Patrick Keller (fabric | ch) in Le design suisse, valeur refuge du XXIe siècle (in Envies de design, Bilan)
+ 23.01.05-06.03.05
Exhibition of MIX-m.org at Centre d'art contemporain Genève. Artists: Joëlle Flumet, Yves Mettler, Scanner, Nedko Solakov, Heimo Zobernig.
To read in CH-arts and to listen to Couleur3 and Espace2 (in French).
+ 24.06.05
Symposium research+design organized by SDN and HGKZ. Christophe Guignard presents the first results of the project Variable environment / Interaction city and crossovers, research project led by ECAL and EPFL in which fabric | ch is a partner.
+ 20-22.06.05
Participation to Collaborative Artefacts - Interactive Furniture workshop organized by EPFL to extend the future Learning Center built by Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA on the campus of the Swiss Institute of Technology.
+ 09.06.05
"fabric | ch: ein Abend mit Patrick Keller"
Talk by fabric | ch at Zeughaus 5, Zurich, in the context of the Hello Stranger exhibition. Invitation by Vehovar & Jauslin architects.
+ 10.05.05
fabric | ch presents RealRoom(s) and other projects of material - non material, localized - distributed architecture during the "Physical/virtual" symposium organized by Eric Sadin (éc/artS) at Orléans Media Center (France).
+ 09.05.05
Interview by Patrick Keller (fabric | ch) broadcasted by France Culture, "Culture Plus" animated by Arnaud Laporte. Other invited speakers: Eric Sadin (éc/artS), Clarisse Bardiot, Frédéric Bevilacqua and José-Louis Lestocard
To read in and to listen to France Culture (in French)
+ 05.05.05
"Dimensional crossovers"
Talk by fabric | ch at Sabanci University, Istanbul
+ 15.04.05
Information Architecture, Artifices and S(t)imulated Spaces
Talk by fabric | ch at MediaRuimte, Brussels
+ 14-22.04.05
fabric | ch is invited to exhibit its work at MediaRuimte, Brussels during the event cycle 'Information Architecture':
Knowscape Mobile at MEDIARUIMTE, Brussels, RealRoom(s), electroscape.org
+ 09.04.05-29.06.05
Electroscape 004 A.I. vs A.I. // in self-space //
Exhibition *La scena svizzera contemporanea*, CAMEC (Centro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea) de La Spezia.
+ 12.03.05-15.05.05
Philippe Rahm invites fabric | ch to exhibit RealRoom(s) at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris: Invisible Architecture / Climatic Continuum
Other invited architects/artists: Diller + Scofidio (USA), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (France), Bauart (Switzerland), Cero9 (Spain).
+ 09.02.05
"Material - Non Material Architectures".
Seminar about fabric | ch work at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques of UQAM (Montreal).
+ 07.02.05
"Electromagnetic Architectures and variables environments".
Talk by Christophe Guignard at the Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal, presented by the CIAM (Centre Interuniversitaire des Arts Médiatiques).
+ 23.01.05-06.03.05
Exhibition of MIX-m.org.
Office World, Espace culturel de la Tour OFS, Neuchâtel. Curator: Simon Lamunière.
Article in Le Temps.

+ 10.01.05
University of Art and Design of Lausanne [ECAL] and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology [EPFL] launch the design+science research project
Variable environment / Interaction city and crossovers, in which fabric | ch takes part as professional partner. Patrick Keller is also project leader of the research project.
+ 22.09.04
Tracés publishes an article by Patrick Keller and Christophe Guignard:
Variable environment / Interaction city and crossovers,
a design+science research project proposed by the University of Art and Design of Lausanne [ECAL] and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology [EPFL]
+ 11.08.04
Presentation of Knowscape Mobile at Siggraph 2004, Los Angeles
Paper given during the Web Graphics - navigation session and exhibition in the festival Art Gallery
Presentation of Electroscape 002 at Siggraph 2004, Los Angeles
Paper given during the Web Graphics - visualization session (participation of Casey Reas, UCLA Media Arts; Ben Fry, MIT Medialab; Eric Rodenbeck, Cooper Union).
+ 01-04.08.04
fabric | ch exhibits Knowscape Mobile at DIS2004, Cambridge, on the occasion of the ACM DIS2004 symposium in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
+ 01.07.04
map_I.T. master plan for the digital campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) is documented online.
+ 18.06.04
Presentation of MIX-m.org at the Swiss Museum of Communication
Mediaproject funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Sitemapping initiative.
+ 15-21.06.04
Presentation of MIX-m.org at Art Unlimited, Art | 35 | Basel
+ 01.06.04
Article about i-weather.org, artificial climate project relaised with Décosterd & Rahm.
Published in Oeste 17, Arquitectura, Urbanismo, Arte y Pensamiento Contemporáneos, Madrid
+ 15.05-29.08.04
Electroscape 004 A.I. vs A.I. // in self-space //
Exhibition *Dalla pagina allo spazio* at the Museo Cantonale d'Arte de Lugano
Article in Kunst Bulletin 7/8 2004
+ 14.05.04
Publication of the Cahier d'artiste fabric | ch
Texts by Maia Engeli and Eric Sadin
Publication by Pro Helvetia
+ 13.05.04
Interview by Christophe Guignard in art-en-jeu.ch
+ 13.05.04
Open-tracking and -profiling (2001-2003)
Talk by fabric | ch at Paris 8 University (laboratoire Paragraphe) in the framework of the symposium "Web: navigation areas, exploration objects".
+ 03.04.04
Interactive Visions
Talk by fabric | ch at Hochschule der Künste Bern
+ 18.03.04
Curator for the project vpar.net
+ 10.02.04
Launch of Electroscape 003
Cahier d'artiste // fabric | ch // by Pro Helvetia.
+ 16-18.01.04
Reboot of fabric | ch in Londres
New playgrounds: tangible architecture and substituted architecture
+ 16.01.04
fabric | ch and Interversion receive the backing of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture in the framework of Sitemapping.ch/mediaprojects for their project MIX-m.org
+ 22.11.03
Lecture of fabric | ch during the Swiss Graphic Designers Day at the EPFL.
+ 15.09.03
fabric | ch is selected in the program "Content and Art Creators" for the Xbox from Microsoft and receives a development license game.
+ 10.09.03
The architecture magazine Tracés publishes the projects Digital BM, BAC+3 digit:// and map_I.T., a master plan for teh digital campus of the EPFL.
+ 12.08.03
Kurt Fendt, head of the MetaMedia project (MIT, Humanities), visits fabric | ch to develop a research project and a workshop at MIT with fabric | ch.
+ 28.07.03
Lecture by Christian Babski. Knowscape - A Collective Knowledge Architecture at the International Symposioum international IEEE, VECIMS 2003.
+ 01.07.03
Publication of "Entetien avec le consortium i-weather.org" in the magazine ART PRESENCE. Interview réalisée by Ewen Chardronnet, with Christophe Guignard and Philippe Rahm, about i-weather.org project.
+ 17-23.06.03
fabric | ch exposes Knowscape Mobile at HALLE 3.0 at the Swiss Art Awards during Art |34| Basel.
+ 15.06.03
Publication of "25 Hour living" in the book makrolab, 056.48.182N - 003.58.299W - 1276ft. Interview by Ewen Chardronnet, with Christophe Guignard and Philippe Rahm, about i-weather.org project.
+ 16.05-22.06.03
Electroscape 001and La_Fabrique10 are simultaneously exposed at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the Cornerhouse (Manchester’s Contemporary Art Centre), the Watershed Bristol, the Folly Gallery Lancaster and the Huddersfield Media Centre.
+ 15.03.03
Panel about virtual architecture at the Media Center of Huddersfield.
+ 01-09.05.03
fabric | ch presents Knowscape Mobile at SHARE at the Swiss House of Boston, in the context of Boston CyberArts Festival 2003.
+ 30.04.03
Conference / panel at the Swiss House in Boston.
fabric | ch is invited to discuss the theme mixed realities with Jeffrey Huang (Harvard Design School), Muriel Waldvogel (Boston Architectural Center), Karrie Karahalios (Medialab - Sociable Media), Tad Hirsch (Medialab - Computer Culture).
+ 12.04.03
Creation of the "playground" Knowscape Mobile.
+ 28.03.03
As creators of new spaces, fabric | ch is invited, along with Charles Kleiber (State Secratery for science and education), Philippe Rahm (Architect) and Nelly Wenger (Director of Expo 02), to the Rencontres magistrales de l'EPFL.
+ 10.03.03
Knowscape won the 1st prize in the "art" category at the Showcase 3D of the web3D consortium in California.
+ 09-12.03.03
Electroscape 001and La_Fabrique10 are exhibited during the Web3D Art 2003 in California.
+ 09-12.03.03
Web3D 2003 Symposium, France
fabric | ch is invited by the international consortium web3D to present a panel entitled: "Creation and network - virtual environments on the Web".
+ 31.01.03
fabric | ch is one of the artists selected by Pro Helvetia for the artists' books collection Cahiers d'artistes 2002/03.
+ 08.01.03
Radio interview about the digital museum BAC+3 digit:// exhibited at MAMCO (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Geneva), as part of the exhibition "L'Image Habitable - Versions multiples" curated by Simon Lamunière and Nikola Jankovic, Centre pour l'image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais Geneva.
+ 12.11.02
Lecture of fabric | ch at the University of Lausanne:
Electroscape 002, electronic museum.
+ 06.11.02
Lecture of fabric | ch at ENAC - EPFL: Electronic architecture.
+ 02.11.02
fabric | ch takes part in a panel discussion at the Center for Contemporary Images in Geneva, as part of teh exhibition "L'Image Habitable - Versions multiples".
Architects: MVRDV, F. Roche, Décosterd & Rahm, fabric | ch. Artist: Zilla Leutenegger.
To read in Le Temps.
+ 31.10.02-19.01.03
fabric | ch exposes Electroscape 002 at MAMCO (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Geneva), as part of the exhibition "L'Image Habitable - Versions multiples", Centre for Contemporary Images, Saint-Gervais Geneva.
To read in Le Temps.
+ 21-22.09.02
Reboot of fabric | ch at "Val de Travers": identity and projects.
+ 22-26.07.02
fabric | ch is invited to present Electroscape 001in the Art Gallery of Siggraph 02 in San Antonio (Texas).
Shared creation project, in collaboration with the architects of lab[au], Brussels.
To read in 24Heures and netactuel.com.
+ 26.07.02
Lecture of fabric | ch at siggraph 02. Knowscape will be presented at the SIGGRAPH 02 Web Graphics Program, in the Experimental Browsing Spaces category.
+ 12.06.02
Creation of the digital "playground" electroscape.org by fabric | ch.
+ 18.05.02
Talk of fabric | ch at blac (beau local d'art contemporain) in Brussels: Microarchitecture.
+ 24.04.02
fabric | ch becomes a partner of the European Union research project SpacemantiX which purpose is to investigate architectural creation with semantic 3D objects and forthcoming "BIM" protocols.
+ 20.04.02
fabric | ch presents La_Fabrique at Beaubourg (centre George Pompidou), in Paris.
+ 04.04.02
Lecture by fabric | ch in Montpellier: "Architecture diffusée"
+ 17.03.02
i-weather.org is presented during the Rencontres du 13 avril, organized by Leonardo/OLATS (MIT Press), the OURS Foundation and the Académie Internationale d'Astronautique in Paris.
+ 04.03.02
i-weather.orgis exhibited during the whitneybiennial.com 2002, curator Miltos Manetas.
+ 13.03.-13.04.02
Knowscape is exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London.
+ 24-28.02.02
Knowscape is exhibited at web3D Art 2002, Tempe, Arizona USA.
+ 27.01.02
Discussion about the project Réalité recombinée proposed as part of Expo.02, to listen on RSR.
+ 10.01.02
an [e-body2.0] is presented on neural.it
+ 26.10.01
Décosterd & Rahm, associés and fabric | ch launch i-weather.org. Exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich until 27/01/02.
+ 24.10.01
an [e-body2.0] is presented online on rhizome.org
+ 12.09.01
Patrick Keller was appointed to the working group sitemapping/ by the Swiss Office for Culture Affairs.
+ 03.08.01
Knowscape is third in the category «Education" during web3D RoundUp at Siggraph01.
To read in AGEFI, on tsr.ch and netactuel.com.
+ 01.07.01
Networked Parisienne People, the first multi-user digital territory that extends itself in the physical world is launched.
+ 12.06.01
Publication of Protoform, objet convergent et prothèse idéale, article by Patrick Keller in the architecture magazine Archimade 01. Editor in Chief Philippe Rahm.
+ 31.05.01
Duplex lectures by fabric | ch at the Forum d'architectures (FAR): fabric | ch @ FAR, and at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Zurich: fabric | ch @ HGKZ.
+ 18.05.01
Launch of 001.epfl.ch, directed by fabric | ch in partnership with optimo.ch, a---b.com and the EPFL.
To read in Le Temps of 23.05.01
+ 12.05.01
La_Fabrique, experimental digital museum dedicated to contemporary and net art is presented in Le Lab, web show of Canal +
+ 04-06.04.01
fabric | ch is invited to attend the conference sitemapping_2/ in Bern, organized by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.
+ 03.04.01
Knowscapes, Knowscape and Noosynaptic: a concept and two experimental projects of fabric | ch are presented in teh Japanese electronic journal Spatial Lounge.


+ 21.03.01
alternet fabric becomes fabric | ch.


+ 17-19.03.01
Reboot of alternet fabric in Lucern: identity et projects.
+ 05.03.01
Publication of "rhizoreality.mu" in the Proceedings of Web3D symposium, 2001, Paderborn, ACM Siggraph.
+ 19-22.02.01
alternet fabric presents his works and especially its conceptual software "rhizoreality.mu" during the web3D consortium Symposium in Paderborn, Germany.
+ 07-12.12.00
La_Fabrique00 et an [e-body2.0] are exhibited during ISEA 2000 in Paris.
+ 07.11.00
Launch of La_Fabrique01, developed with the CAAD (ETHZ) in Zürich. Prof. Maia Engeli and Andrew Vande Moere, assistant Fabio Gramazio.
+ 24.10.00
Patrick Keller is appointed Head of Unit Media & Interaction Design at the ECAL/University of Art and Design, Lausanne (ECAL). Christophe Guignard is appointed professor in the Media & Interaction Design unit.
+ 13.10.00
alternet fabric live from Swissnex in Boston.
+ 13-15.09.00
alternet fabric is invited to attend the conference Sitemapping_1/ in Basel, organized by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.
+ 20.08.00
alternet fabric inaugurated the Digital Café, 2d-3d chat realized for Ringier and the weekly newspaper dimanche.ch
+ 04.08.00
alternet fabric presents a preview of La_Fabrique01, rearlized with the CAAD (ETHZ), during Siggraph 2000 in New Orleans (USA).
+ 01.08.00
alternet fabric inaugurates its new studio, still at the same address: rue de Langallerie 6 in Lausanne, Switzerland.
+ 04.05.00
Publication of "La_Fabrique: a Web3D Electronic Museum for the Binary Years" in the magazine Computer Graphics, vol. 34 Nr 2, May 2000, ACM Siggraph.
+ 02.05.00
alternet fabric presents its latest research in architecture made of information during First Tuesday. To read in 24 heures
+ 23.02.00
With its project for a digital museum La_Fabrique, réalized in partnership with French television Canal+, alternet fabric wins a Golden Lasso Award at the web3D RoundUp in Monterey (USA).
To read in dimanche.ch
+ 01.01.00
Christian Babski joins alternet fabric. The collective is now composed of Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller, architects, so as Stéphane Carion and Christian Babski, engineers.
+ 28.11.99
"Internet: technological change... for what content?" debate organized on the occasion of the launch of the weekly newspaper dimanche.ch.
+ 17.10.99
Telecom99: alternet fabric was invited to present its work at the World Telecom Internet Days in Geneva. The session, held on October 17 was broadcasted live via satellite to more than 40 countries.
+ 18.08 - 31.10.99
alternet fabric exposes an [e-body] and an [e-body2.0] in the context of Pixel, Prints, Pigmente (Kunstmuseum Bern, the Museum of Communication, Bern).
+ 11.08.99
alternet fabric is selected for Siggraph99, Los Angeles, to present its research projects.
To read in Le Temps.
+ 12.06.99
alternet fabric and Canal+ sign a partnership to create the digital museum La_Fabrique.
+ 21.05.99
The magazine Matières of the EPFL Architecture Departement refuses to publish Architectures de l'information, an article on the evolution of the practice of architects in relation to the emergence of networks and information technology.
+ 05.05.99
alternet fabric presents an [e-body] at the European Media Art Festival 99 in Osnabrueck, Germany.
+ 23.02.99
alternet fabric presents an [e-body] at the VRML-ART 99 Festival in Paderborn, Germany.
+ 10.08.98
Recombinant Reality project by alternet fabric and Dunning & Versteegh for the "Arteplage" in Neuchâtel (Expo.01).
+ 12.04.98
"01001011 architecture", lecture at the school of Engineers of Geneva, as part of the exhibition "La nouvelle architecture Suisse romande".
+ 12.11.97
"Architecture de l'information et information de l'architecture", lecture at EPFL Architecture Department on issues of information society in architecture.
+ 14.04.97
Creation of alternet fabric by Stéphane Carion, Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller, whose objective is the experimentation of contemporary space in relation to the scientific evolutions, the social changes and ways of living transformations that result.